Total-Body Experience.

Our signature full-body massage is the ultimate pleasure experience. Applying pure unscented oils or optional aromatic blends, our therapists uncover your knots and tight muscles, restoring your good posture and range of motion.

While some of our guests remain partially clothed, most prefer a full-body massage au naturel. Our therapists are always mindful of your privacy and follow proper draping procedures to keep your body warm while exposing only those areas being worked.

We offer thirty- and sixty-minute options, but many of our patrons elect ninety- or one-hundred-twenty-minute massages. Longer sessions give our therapists more time to work tight areas without short-changing other parts of your body. 

When possible, we recommend at least ninety minutes and encourage you to plan accordingly. 

What's more, we offer optional walking-on-back massage (ashiatsu), aromatherapy, and hot stone treatment to complement your oil massage. The gentle but persistent radiant heat penetrates deep below the skin, accelerating relaxation of tight muscles while promoting healing of damaged tissue.