Many new customers don't know what to expect for their first massage. This FAQ answers common questions to put you at ease with our services. 


Can I request a male or female therapist? 

Yes. We typically have a mix of female and male therapists on most days. We understand that you may have a preference and we will match your gender preference whenever possible. It's always best to confirm with an appointment to ensure you have the best choice of therapists. 


May I request a specific therapist? 

Yes. Many of our repeat clients have one or more preferred therapists. Massage is a very personal service and we recognize that you may prefer more firmness and pressure specific to your taste. That said, all of our therapists are highly skilled. In the event your favorite therapist is unavailable, we guarantee that you'll have a good experience with any of our staff, or your money back (subject to our policies).   


Do you charge more to request a specific therapist?

No. Some of our competitors discourage you from requesting a specific therapist and some even charge an additional fee. As our valued guest, we want you to have the best, most consistent experience possible. You are welcome to request your favorite therapist, though we do recommend advance scheduling whenever possible. We also encourage you to try other therapists from time to time.


Do I remove my clothes during my massage?

For foot-massage treatments in our shared space, you remain fully clothed except, of course, for your socks and shoes. We recommend loose clothing for most comfort.

For full-body massages in our private rooms, most of our clients disrobe fully and lay face down to start, covering with a large towel that we provide. However, some of our clients prefer to disrobe to their underwear. Whether your are fully or partially unclothed, our therapists discretely drape your body at all times in accordance with professional practices. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or cold, please ask your therapist for more cover. We recommend that you shower before your massage, which also helps to relax your muscles in preparation for your treatment. We offer an on-site shower and steam room for your enjoyment. 


How much should I tip? 

Tipping is a personal decision, and indicates your satisfaction with the therapists' service. We try to keep our rates reasonable, and our therapists are grateful for your consideration of their service. As general guidance, many of our clients tip $10-$15 or more for a foot massage and $15-$25 for a one-hour full-body massage. Some clients may tip more at their discretion or for longer treatments. It's totally up to you what you feel is reasonable and what you can afford. 


Can I leave a tip on my credit card? 

Yes. While most of our clients tip in cash at the end of their session, we are happy to include tips on your credit or debit card. We always ensure that your therapist receives your full tip and they are always grateful for your consideration.


Do you offer family massage therapy? 

Yes, we welcome families and well mannered children. Many of our clients expose their children or teens to the therapeutic benefits of massage, including sports massage for young athletes.  We do ask that parents and children be mindful of other patrons to preserve tranquility and restfulness of our environment.


Is My Favorite Feet Massage a legitimate massage service? 

Yes. All of our therapists are highly trained and licensed to practice in the State of California. Each therapist upholds a high standard of conduct and expects the same from our clients. We strictly forbid any illicit service, which is grounds for termination of the session and employee's relationship with our business. My Favorite Feet Massage is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and cleanliness suitable for adults, couples, and the whole family.